Historie změn Infix PDF Editor 7

Infix Version 7.4.3 - Released 03 October 2019

  • z3611 - the type (right/left/centre) of the last tabstop added is now remembered
  • z3609 - improved formation of paragraphs for text blocks in close proximity to each other
  • z3606 - sometimes text was wrongly classified as subscript
  • z2864 - gibberish text caused by loading of wrong cmap
  • z3601 - better handling of mono-spaced fonts in PDFs where the font is not embedded
  • - Auto-translation is now free of charge for the first 50 pages per month for licensed users
  • z3603 - Colours could change after saving (stroked, gradient fills)
  • z3598 - Synthetic spaces are now always removed from the end of field tags
  • z3596 - Wrong languages sent to TransPDF
  • z3595 - Cannot edit/reset server URL in TransPDF login dialog after first login
  • z3589 - Better support for display of vertically written text
  • z3538 - Added support for Copy/Paste in sticky-note windows (CTRL+C / CTRL+V)
  • z3592 - Allow users to stop yellow paragraph ID tooltips that appear in translated PDFs
  • z3453 - better handling of space characters when making automatic bookmarks
  • z3449 - 'Save as PDF 1.4 option...' could not be disabled in Preferences dialog
  • z3557 - better support for 'Submit form data' action with PDF as the export format
  • z3516 - page contents disappear once you try to edit them
  • z3582 - interactive form text becomes invisible after clicking on another text field
  • z3469 - Improved editing of text with compound characters such as 'ä' where the character is made from 'a' and '¨'
  • z3342 - Long comments are now shown truncated in the comments view panel
  • z3442 - Fixed possible crash when clicking on Submit button in interactive form
  • z3519 - sometimes the left-hand-side of text in an interactive form field would could be cut-off
  • z3559 - Context menu over a form-field would appear only briefly then disappear
  • z3575 - clicking on a form field with the hand tool would switch to edit mode briefly before switching back again making form-filling very difficult. Also, hitting Tab key in a form wouldn't move you to the next field.
  • z3579 - better handling of super/sub-scripts in rotated text
  • z3480 - each character is missing pixels along left hand edge
  • z3530 - barcode displayed incorrectly (lines missing)

Infix Version 7.4.2 - Released 12 August 2019

  • z3572 - Distorted text in text form field (overlapping characters).
  • z3559 - Context menu of form field disappears after a short period of time.
  • z3570 - Text get's clipped after TLines are made.
  • z3569 - Form editing gets interrupted as soon as tooltip is shown.
  • z3565 - Better support for styled checkboxes and radio buttons
  • z3553 - Form field settings get discarded after revisiting the "Properties" dialog.
  • z3479 - text changes colour after translation import
  • z3554 - Checkboxes created by Infix don't check/uncheck correctly in Adobe Reader.
  • z3468 - Eliminated bogus 'loading bookmarks...' error when opening certain PDFs
  • z3551 - Auto-fit facility was not working correctly in Translate->Local->Import
  • z3536 - interactive form Buttons with icons were not be dealt with correctly
  • z3545 - underlines being inferred incorrectly
  • z3475 - PDF text rendered incorrectly
  • z3541 - backslash disappears when searching and replacing.
  • z3427 - better display of text from TextMaker & PlanMaker from SoftMaker
  • z3532 - Improved display of text added via Bates numbering (font errors)
  • z3417 - Better handling of excessively clipped text - better display and faster editing
  • z3527 - Cannot copy/paste form fields during forms editing
  • z3421 - Tooltips of form objects don't get shown
  • z3521 - Text spacing could be wrong when using multi-byte fonts
  • z3518 - signature image could be wrong size small when inside a form element
  • z3470 - Possible crash when editing a document with TextPlus.
  • z3466 - Possible crash when opening PDFs containing very long names
  • z3520 - Better handling of filename with trailing spaces (Windows)
  • z3488 - Text displayed in wrong position if using the 'cm' operator for positioning
  • z3517 - Better handling of PDF with bogus pages
  • z3506 - Coloured pattern doesn't get shown.
  • 3507 - Cancel button missing from dialog on Mac during auto-translation
  • z3504 - Possible crash when checking for an active license on start-up
  • Missing translation could cause problems using TransPDF from within non-English versions
  • z3216 - Possible crash when doing form editing using German user-interface
  • z3493 - zoom tool not working

Infix Version 7.4.1 - Released 10 June 2019

  • z3424 - Improve rendering of B/W bitmaps.
  • z3379 - "Zoom in on results" increases zoom level too much
  • z3439 - Improved behaviour of auto-scrolling
  • Image missing on Activate dialog
  • z3438 - Fixed font display issue which could result in gibberish text being displayed
  • z3485 - viewing overset text problems could cause a crash.
  • z3484 - 'Join files' crashes.
  • z3482 - Pasting RTF from clipboard can cause a crash
  • z3421 - Tooltips of form objects were not being shown
  • z3461 - OCR Cancel button not working on Macintosh
  • z3405 - Improved compatibility of interactive forms created in Infix with Adobe reader
  • z3399 - checkmarks in checkboxes were not always centred within their boxes in interactive forms
  • z3342 - Long tooltips could overflow the edge of the screen making them difficult to read.
  • z3465 - pasting text into invisible OCR text box causes a crash.
  • z3410 - Drop into form mode for a forms PDF.
  • z3441 - Styled checkboxes and radio buttons were sometimes rendered (and printed) incorrectly.
  • Added support for 256-bit encryption

Infix Version 7.4.0 - Released 29 May 2019

  • z3347 - Non-Latin1 characters were not being saved correctly in interactive form objects.
  • z3400 - Character displayed as ? for embedded Calibri font if Calibri not installed as system font.
  • z3411 - modified security warning for auto-trans previews and 1-page previews
  • z3409 - Fixed issue with Page Resize function not working on all pages.
  • Added better error for 256bit AES encrypted PDFs.
  • z3401 - stopping infix warning about overset text when trying to save a translation preview
  • z3396 - Bookmark view drag scrolling not working correctly
  • z3393 - Fixed Bookmark creation error related to nesting bookmarks
  • Auto-translation facility

Infix Version 7.3.3 - Released 06 February 2019

  • z3270 - Improved display of free-text comments when no display list is present in the PDF
  • z3275 - Fixed crash when loading corrupt PDF
  • z3268 - Font display bogus characters.
  • z3272 - CAT export: Missing checkbox "Limit to marked content only"
  • clicking on the "from" or "to" text edits in the Insert Pages Dialog was not setting the "Page Range" radio as checked.
  • z3258 - Better handling of setLineWidth with negative widths
  • z3253 - Improved handling of line annotations/comments
  • z3239 - Add the ability to Auto Correct a complete font. Not just selected text.
  • z3235 - Added new warning for PDF that require javascript to display correctly

Infix Version 7.3.2 - Released 02 January 2019

  • z3229 - Fixed bug when running on Mac : TrueType fonts with an ampersand in their name were being treated as TrueType collections and then crashing. For example "Champagne & Limousines"
  • z3224 - Bottom scrollbar missing in half screen mode.
  • z3222 - Fixed issue which could cause characters to have zero width during editing
  • z3217 - Improved appearance of View->Interactive Form Fields facility
  • z3210 - Fixed crash when starting bates numbering.
  • Improved Activating warnings when activation fails.
  • z3189 - Fixed issue which could make it impossible to delete new form items.
  • z3186 - Mishandling of multiple text clipping paths could cause text to go black on edit
  • z3202 - Fixed crash caused by PDFs with long /Names inside a dictionary.
  • z3191 - Add the ability to add images as Watermarks
  • z3183 - Changing the colour of any new object (but not text) added to a New PDF caused a crash.
  • z3163 - Changed wording in Find & Replace dialog
  • z3173 - fixed possible crash when processing ligatures

Infix Version 7.3.1 - Released 04 October 2018

  • z3164 Pages->Replace... doesn't show any dialog
  • z3161 Improved ease of selecting objects covered by invisible forms
  • Fixed intermittent crash in Font picker dialog
  • z3159 Signatures with non ascii names do not work correctly.
  • z3152 Better formatting of date in comment windows
  • Auto-correct facility in Text->Remap Selected Characters could report a licensing error.

Infix Version 7.3.0 - Released 13 September 2018

  • Added 15 new language translations for the user interface
  • Fixed redraw issue in comparison mode - black bars could appear
  • Fixed issue with Mac installer continuously asking to upgrade
  • Added new 'Obscure after export' facility to the Snapshot function
  • Moved comparison mode items from Translate menu to View menu
  • Added new Open for Comparison menu item to File menu

Infix Version 7.2.10 - Released 03 September 2018

  • z3108 - Some TrueType font rendering failed due to lcd smoothing
  • z3134 - OCR wasn't working for black and white scans
  • z3076 - New facility to blank out snapshot area after taking snapshot.
  • z3131 - removed 'Join...' from Hand-tool context menu
  • z3115 - Editing interactive read-only form file could cause crash.
  • z3113 - Better handling of very long pages.
  • z3067 - Some Type3 fonts not displayed
  • z3121 - Editing Free Text comment could cause crash.

Infix Version 7.2.9 - Released 21 August 2018

  • z3118 Fixed crash when creating a new document. This problem was introduced in version 7.2.8.

Infix Version 7.2.8 - Released 09 August 2018

  • Turned off start-up reminder about crash logs.
  • z3110 - A '0' value in prefs 'edit:batch size' will now cause the default '150' to be used instead.
  • z3109 - Stop button during 'Problem Report' generation doesn't work
  • z3107 - Fixed bug in resize pages which stopped it working
  • z3095 - Infix - 'Hide All OCR Text' was not always hiding the text. No does all pages, even if they've not been edited. Takes longer but has progress dlg.
  • z3091 - OCR causes "Out of Memory".
  • z2888 - Fixed crash which could occur after saving edited PDF
  • z3083 - Signature widgets were not being displayed
  • z3045 - Crash when trying to open PDF with radial shade fill nesting within type 1 pattern
  • z3077 - Infix runs out of memory during 'Problem Report'.
  • Support a key file being passed on the command line
  • z3073 - Objects missing due to mis-detection of empty clip
  • Fixed possible startup crash on MacOS
  • z3072 - Crash on 'Bring to front'.
  • z3071 - Image size grows after tagging.

Infix Version 7.2.7 - Released 18 June 2018

  • Renamed 'Flightcheck' to 'Problem report' throughout application
  • z3066 - fill checkbox greyed out on annot properties.
  • z3063 - Fixed problem with Italic button which stopped it working with certain PDFs
  • z3062 - Zoom-in checkbox does not work in Find all
  • z3061 - Finding double-spaces and single quote broken

Infix Version 7.2.6 - Released 22 May 2018

  • z3058 - Improved display of Type 3 1-bit-per-component fonts.
  • z3057 - Better handling of InDesign small-caps modified fonts when exporting to other formats
  • z2694 - Better handling of transparent, indexed, PNG images.
  • z3056 - Improved handling of PDFs with no embedded fonts to fix problem of garbage characters.
  • z3049 - Resize Pages wasn't working if you tried to resize some pages after first resizing others.
  • z3041 - Form controls from deleted pages could appear on remaining pages
  • z3042 - Better handling of radio button groups in interactive forms
  • z3010 - Infix crashes when you load LiveCycle PDF and then print. black checkboxes and other widget bugs.
  • z3028 - fixed problem which could cause characters to be wrongly recognised as accents.
  • z3036 - Added upper/lower case control to text-tagging dialog

Infix Version 7.2.5 - Released 12 April 2018

  • Fixed a possible crash that could occur at start-up
  • z3015 - Gibberish characters displayed
  • z3035 - Not dealing with selecting single lines in a rotated page
  • z3031 - Improved detail in Hoz/Vert rulers at high zooms in millimetres.
  • z2637 - Improved smoothing of 1-bit images.
  • z3024 - Crash after drag & drop of PNG image
  • z3023 - Single quotes/apostrophe missing in render.
  • z3022 - White line appears on page.
  • z3002 - Extraneous lines displayed on pages with certain kinds of unclosed paths
  • z3009 - Crash when opening PDF with specific kind of Type1 font encoding
  • z3010 - Crash when you load LiveCycle PDF and then print.
  • z2990 - Hidden objects exported.
  • z2987 - RTF Exported text in wrong colour.
  • z2982 - Characters missing in pdf using MacRoman encoding
  • z2986 - Grid spacing changes on moving an object and saving.
  • Help pages not displaying due to changes to main website
  • z2978 - extracted image could overwrite previous image when using Image->Extract To File
  • z2972 - not dealing with 2bpc indexed colour space images
  • z2976 - Problem exporting images inside tables
  • z2974 - Vertical text always rendered in output even when "Render text in vector artwork" is unchecked.
  • z2973 - Exporting page as an image causes grid to be rendered.
  • z2969 - Image missing in render if transparency was enabled
  • z2944 - Improved handling of large strings
  • z2942 - Improved rending of images with colour-key masks
  • z2942 - Improved rending of outline fonts
  • z2942 - Improved handling of dashed-lines
  • z2942 - Improved display of barcode text
  • z2694 - Improved rendering of PNG images with indexed colour-spaces + transparency
  • Freetype sub-hinting enabled for text display

Infix Version 7.2.4 - Released 24 January 2018

  • z2963 - Spaces missing between words when editing certain PDFs
  • - Improved message when checking for updates
  • z2957 - Fixed problem with PDF templating
  • z2939 - Improved TWAIN support gives better interaction with Canon Scanners
  • New version of PDF Printer which supports Citrix and Windows Server.
  • z2890 - Better info/errors when clicking on external hyperlink
  • z2930 - Fixed compatibility issue with font mapping correction facility
  • z2924 - Some Thai characters missing when viewed in Infix
  • z2921 - Fixed scrolling problem after changing properties of an interactive form element

Infix Version 7.2.3 - Released 20 November 2017

  • z2912 - Button label font size change update issue
  • z2915 - Can now compare files by drag & drop
  • z2913 - Can't edit text after clicking in a form.
  • z2511 - Document properties wouldn't save properly if they contained non Latin characters
  • z2914 - Crash in forms due to checking for NULL too late.
  • z2898 - double-click form field grabs mouse and won't let go

Infix Version 7.2.2 - Released 30 October 2017

  • Fixed problem with local translation XML generation which could include &,<,>
  • z2863 - Incorrect font displaying problem with FlexiPDF Pro.
  • z2903 - You can now dictate group membership for radio buttons in forms
  • z2908 - Flightchecking a PDF with non ASCII name could cause problems
  • z2904 - Characters get messed up on import of XML
  • z2901 - Hang on flight-check when trying to compute comfortable zoom level
  • z2896 - New form gives error in Acrobat.
  • Fixed potential crash when saving a PDF with an empty contents stream
  • Infix - New icons for new form editing tools
  • z2894 - Downsampling inverted image incorrectly rotated the image by 180 degrees
  • z2883 - Displaying orphaned annotation which could not be deleted
  • z2881 - Text displayed with wrong capitalisation.

Infix Version 7.2.1 - Released 06 October 2017

  • z2886 - Fixed Find/Replace fonts/sizes

Infix Version 7.2.0 - Released 05 October 2017

  • z2863 - Upgraded freetype library to improve font display
  • z2856 - Guides were splitting paragraphs
  • z2851 - Image rotated after tagging
  • z2819 - Characters incorrectly shown due to bad unicode map
  • z2847 - improved memory handling during word count
  • z2842 - File export prefs for RTF.
  • z2825 - added logging file and log button for diagnostics
  • z2813 - improved jpeg2000 support
  • z2816 - crash on drag'n drop join files
  • z2806 - Font causes crash
  • z2537 - Spaces after umlaut

Infix Version 7.1.9 - Released 03 August 2017

  • z2785 - Improved font support on Macintosh
  • Updated Infix PDF Printer driver
  • z2811 - Find Hyperlinks could crash when reading very long web addresses
  • z2790 - Ruler marking could be wrong in certain circumstances
  • z2782 - Added support for 2 bits per component grey-scale image.
  • z2665 - Crash when loading corrupt PDF
  • z2781 - Change Page Down key behaviour so that it operates like the right key when in page fit mode.

Infix Version 7.1.8 - Released 14 July 2017

  • Fixed signing problem with PDF Printer Driver
  • z2778 - Image missing due to mishandling of Form's extGstate

Infix Version 7.1.7 - Released 11 July 2017

  • Added 'Help' to license expirey reminder pop-up
  • z2770 - Fixed undo when adding a new Stamp to a page
  • z2774 - Fixed issue with File->Join when joining image files
  • z2709 - Corrected slightly wrong dimensions for A-series paper sizes (A4,A3, etc.)
  • z2740 - New CMAP added which improved display of some CJK fonts
  • z2761 - Fixed display problem when text used as a clipping path
  • z2754 - After OCR corrections text is still visible.
  • z2743 - Enable Save menu when a watermarked PDF is loaded in a registered version.
  • z2690 - Better handling of Type 3 fonts that incorrectly specify a base font.
  • z2718 - Fixed display display of rotated type-3 fonts
  • Better handling of control characters when using the Translate->Local system.
  • z2734 - Talos Security Advisory for Iceni (TALOS-2017-0367)
  • z2728 - Background image missing then removed after editing. Improved handling of shade-fills coupled with soft-masks
  • z2583 - Certain types of image appear black
  • z2717 - Remember tab last used in colour picker dialogue box.
  • z2692 - Crash when Google Analytics report PDF is openned
  • z2684 - Windows Icons dissapear when installing Infix. Infix PDF Printer was changing the Internet Explorer preference to allow web fonts to be downloaded. New driver version which should not do this anymore.
  • z2704 - Error when you try to export some kinds of image

Infix Version 7.1.6 - Released 06 June 2017

  • z2699 - Extracting images caused some image to turn grey
  • z2630 - PDF could become blank after editing and saving
  • z2596 - Possible crash when exporting certain image types as PNG
  • z2621 - Corrupt PDF could cause a freeze on loading
  • z2618 - Images could appear distorted if they used a indirect DecodeParams reference
  • z2618 - Wrong characters displayed for an unembedded font with a bad Unicode map
  • z2643 - Infix looks wrong on 4K screens.
  • z2654 - PDFs with unembedded ArialMT font could lead to incorrect characters being displayed
  • z2652 - Characters could overlap in certain cases due to incorrect handling of widths
  • z2653 - Freeze when opening PDF with bogus dash pattern array values
  • z2591 - Crash when trying to open PDF file with unusual font encoding for space character
  • z2655 - license checking bug could cause crash when activating
  • z2539 - Update checker should use default browser
  • z2664 - PDF Crashes Infix.
  • z2503 - Unable to open unencrypted PDF which included an encrypted attachment.
  • z1744 - Improved save to clean-up possible problems with empty annotations. Could cause Acrobat to give an error when trying to print a PDF.
  • z2647 - Auto correct facility added to font remapping
  • z2679 - crash when rendering
  • z2702 - can't have superscript and subscript in the same word.
  • z2703 - Infix - wrong help topic for Delete Across Pages...

Infix Version 7.1.5 - Released 19 April 2017

  • z2564 - Scanned sheet displayed as black page.
  • z2484 - Underlines being mis-classified
  • z2571 - Dots moving when editing PDF. Need to turn-off tabs/leaders/bold to work
  • z2573 - Pdf crashes on save.
  • z2576 - infix - crash when unlocking doc with password
  • z2577 - infix - saving edits when showing interactive form fields causes extra rectangles to be added to pages.
  • - stopped flight-check results window zooming to results.
  • z2489 - Much better support for pasting HTML from the clipboard
  • z2596 - crash when exporting images with a CMYK LUT to PNG
  • z2605 - Find Replace hyperlinks in files issue.
  • z2608 - common - crash during detectBoldText on docs with layers.

Infix Version 7.1.4 - Released 28 February 2017

  • z2418 - when saving an edited PDF on a non-English language install, you could get blank pages or lose your changes.

Infix Version 7.1.3 - Released 27 February 2017

  • Some progress messages would display as garbage
  • z2565 - infix - gui - wrong msg in flight check warning dlg.
  • z2567 - infix - gui

Infix Version 7.1.2 - Released 23 February 2017

  • infix - added more numbers to h/v rulers as you zoom in
  • z2559 - common - better handling of lines with a superscript prefix. changes to leading and text rise.
  • z2050 - double-click selects font. also made it work on double clicking the font family as well as the variation.
  • z2561 - Better handling when painting text through clipmasks
  • z2562 - Changing font causes crash.
  • z2560 - Infix - rtf export with images failed due to >ASCII chars in fname.
  • z2551 - FlexiPDF: Gaps between characters.
  • z2554 - Better handling of forms with hidden text fields
  • z2556 - parsing font cache corrupts memory.
  • z2549 - Fonts cause problems with Infix.
  • z2532 - Crash when trying to open restricted PDF file.
  • z2491 - Better handling of large buttons in forms
  • Find/Replace fonts was not pre-populating with the currently selected font.
  • z2531 - stop warning about clipped text.
  • z2518 - Text editing crash.
  • 2510 - Misplaced characters.
  • z2506 - Bullet characters coming out wrong/red in preview.
  • z2499 - Paste in original position does not work.
  • z2501 - infix - hang on pdf upload to transpdf
  • z2494 - Pdf does not display fonts correctly.

Infix Version 7.1.1 - Released 16 November 2016

  • z2325 - Hyperlink tool dialog not behaving itself with respect to other windows.
  • z2349 - fix for intermittent licensing issue which could stop activation
  • z2347 - better handling of certain kinds of bogus PDF
  • z2344 - Missing glyphs at certain zooms. Missing background image due to unsupported blend mode.
  • z2336 - View button disabled in Flight-check dlg
  • z2341 - Annotations could be lost between saves

Infix Version 7.1.0 - Released 09 November 2016

  • z2314 - Cancel not working on Help->Deactivate... dialog
  • z2311 - Reset spacing button not working in Spacing palette
  • z2309 - Buy Credits button is duplicated on dialog.
  • 2308 - Export XLIFF would open Wine Explorer on MacOS
  • 2298 - Added new Document splitting by page count facility.
  • z2297 - Fixed intermittent hang during Find & Replace hyperlinks
  • z2252 - Downloading of PDFs from transpdf.com is now more reliable.
  • z2259 - Convert to outlines fails.
  • z2257 - 'As Is' stamp in German loses border and blue background when used.
  • z2256 - can't stop zoom on search result.
  • z2251 - can't edit form in PDF.
  • z2246 - Searchable image PDF rendered as black.
  • Removed bogus language which caused English to appear twice in the lang selector at start of Setup
  • New 'Server name:' field in TransPDF login dialog for connecting to alternative TransPDF servers
  • You can now change the 'Check for updates' preference when you re-install. Prior to this, when enabled it always remained enabled.
  • Help->About dialog now lists remaining free support & updates period
  • Annual licensing model changed - see Infix pricing for details
  • New Auto-fix button on flight-check dialog
  • Updated Infix PDF Printer driver so that it works better with silent install option

Infix Version 7.0.5 - Released 28 September 2016

  • - Incorrect warning about an old license
  • z2241 - Possible crash when linking two text boxes

Infix Version 7.0.4 - Released 22 September 2016

  • z2219 - Fixed crash during Local->Import...
  • z2204 - Improved ability to fix font mapping problems using Text->Remap Selection...
  • z2203 - Text not rendering correctly.
  • z2197 - Problem uploading PDF to TransPDF.com when they had non-ASCII filenames.
  • z2191 - warn user if they try to activate using a version 5 or 6 key.
  • z2193 - 'Replace Fonts' doesn't update document fonts list after finishing.
  • z2194 - "Skip words with number during spell-check" in preferences not working.
  • z2185 - Could hang on edit of linked galleys across pages

Infix Version 7.0.3 - Released 05 August 2016

  • z2184 - crash on extract pages with very long document
  • z2182 - changing shade fill colour renders incorrectly.
  • z2180 - crash in find replace files.
  • find/rep file dialog now remembers last folder selected when you click on the "Add Folder" button.
  • fixed a spelling mistake in a dialog.
  • z2156 - Incorrect computation of Ts (text shift) could lead to jumbled-up, overprinted chars.
  • z2177 - possible missing output when exporting to other formats
  • z2179 - colour button shows wrong colour in text selection.
  • z2178 - Infix crashes when you try to view the find results in certain cases
  • z2170 - ruler displays wrong galleys info.
  • z2171 - delete pages moves current page.
  • z2166 - wrongly detecting some page furniture as underline. Not detecting rectangles as underlines.
  • z2175 - overset, linked text-boxes could give wrong reflow during bottom resize
  • z2159 - crashing during edits of linked text-boxes with tabs

Infix Version 7.0.2 - Released 28 July 2016

  • Help buttons in dialogs were not working for non-English versions of Infix.
  • z2164 - Possible crash on startup caused by bad font in system folder. Font loading has been made more robust.
  • z2163 - 'Text Box->Rebuild' missing from context menu when in Text tool.
  • Could not Activate using button on start-up dialog when using non-English version of Infix.
  • z2116 - fixed minor issue when canceling from watermarking dialog
  • z2151 - Infix now warns if there are unresolved font issues when you try to download a 'Final' PDF from transpdf.com
  • Possible crash if you tried to upload XLIFF to transpdf.com for a non-existent PDF

Infix Version 7.0.1 - Released 25 July 2016

  • z2151 - use of licensed Infix now correctly registers the license with transpdf.com (for free usage)
  • Some 'assert' debugging messages could appear in certain cases.
  • z2113 - Bates numbering failed on pages with negative bounding-box coordinates.
  • z2143 - Underline Options... menu item should be greyed out unless using the Text tool.
  • z2146 - editing an image can cause image to be moved when reloaded
  • z2138 - Image->Edit With... doesn't work on mac - function has been removed. Edit... now opens image using Preview.
  • z2116 - can't cancel from Page->Watermarks->Add... dlg.
  • z2122 - improved display of para spacing when multiple paragraphs are selected
  • accent detection - accents table was missing entry for ‘ä’

Infix Version 7.0.0 - Released 15 July 2016

  • Initial release of version 7 y

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